Winter Time Wine Grape Pruning

Our team was hired to prune grapes at a small, private vineyard in January of this year. The client is one of our weekly maintenance properties and he was having trouble finding the 50 hours each winter to put into pruning the grapes. It was an exciting day with 5 of our winter crew all working together to get the job completed. A good experience for all.

Grapes are in that category of pruning that seems daunting for many people. Roses and fruit trees seem to fall into that category as well. We decided to make a video outlining the approach for this particular variety of grape. Different varieties all require a different approach but Ortega is a very common white wine grape for Victoria, British Columbia so this may be applicable to many of you at home who have grape vines.

Enjoy the video! If you have requests for anything else that you might want to see covered on this blog then let me know.

In this video we show you how to prune Ortega grapes and train them using the low cordon method. Additional grape pruning and training information-