Mow Victoria is a skilled & knowledgeable team that specializes in landscape management for challenging properties


Mow Victoria was built in 2005 with quality and care for our clients leading our company values. 

Caring for a property is simple. We learn all the equipment and technique needed to do our job, we prioritize our site tasks based on each clients unique needs, we clean up any debris that is left over at the end leaving the site looking better than when we arrived. 

Showing up consistently each week is simple. We hire reliable and conscientious staff, we think about efficient scheduling, we commit to show up whether it's raining or shining.

Providing the highest quality client care is simple. We put you and your needs first, we listen to your concerns and requests and work hard to solve them, and we strive to leave you with nothing but a smile on your face.

Then why do so many companies fail at leaving their clients satisfied?

Over the years we've heard it all from clients that were ready to make the switch to Mow Victoria. Their landscapers gave them months of inconsistent service, or were rude when faced with a request to do something different, or the most shocking of all- they simply stopped showing up. 

The truth is- we don't know why it is so difficult for so many landscaping companies to offer good service. But the more we heard those complaints the more we realized what was truly important to our clients. 

We've paid very close attention to all the negatives that we've heard about the landscaping industry and have used the solutions to those negatives to develop our own core values and processes as a business.


Our business is built around You. Here are a few stories of how we adjust to meet the varied needs of our clients

Our success has been tied directly to how well we listen to and predict the needs of each of our clients.

For example- some of our clients have babies that sleep during the day. Do we think that a parent wants their child woken up by the sound of machinery after they've spent so much time getting them down to sleep? Of course not. We schedule around their nap time and show up outside of nap hours.

Other clients lock the gate to their backyard and need to know what day we will be showing up so that they can unlock the gate. We make sure that they can count on us showing up on a specific day of the week because we understand that they have taken time to make sure the gate is unlocked for us on that day. 

We have many clients who have animals and we learned from one of them that a past gardener left the back gate open and their dog ran away. Our staff knows how important keeping a gate shut on those properties can be in keeping the family pet safe after we leave. 

Many of our strata maintenance properties have been burned in the past by landscaping companies not fulfilling the contract. The fulfillment of the contract can be difficult to track without having someone on council constantly watching to make sure things are being completed. To a few of our clients we have started filling out a weekly report sheet that we email that outlines what work was completed, who was working on site that day, and what work will be completed over the following weeks. We have found this to be very helpful in building a trusting relationship between all involved parties.

We'd love to hear how we can best serve you. We try to preempt requests by heeding our past experiences but, if you have a requests for anything else that you'd like to see done, don't hesitate to contact us. We're always happy to hear from our valued clients.